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Push Your Limits

Love, trust, progress is fitness

Daily Fitness Tips

10 pounds of muscle burns 50 calories per day while at rest, which is more than twice that of fat.

Daily Fitness Mindset

Perfection is the enemy of progress.  If you had to be perfect in school, you won’t get past the 1st grade.


Why is reaching your fitness goals so difficult? 

The lack of accountability?


Not knowing what to do?

Creative workouts offers engaging group and personal training classes.  You will look forward to coming to Creative Workouts, as something new and exciting is always happening.  You will  lose weight and build muscles, while meeting new friends that will support you reaching your fitness goals.

Discover a new passion

What we offer:

Group and personal training classes

We use weights and machines and exercise in a circuit training format.  This format causes your muscles to grow at a fast rate, which quickly tones up your body and helps you lose weight. We also use the equipment to target trouble areas of your body. more

Personal trainers

At Creative Workouts you are always working with a personal trainer.  You will be with a personal trainer in a group setting or in a  one on one session. You will always have someone to answer your questions and to correct your exercise mistakes. more

Accountability and Motivation

In our gym we use a goal and attendance tracking system.  We have a point based tracking system where you will be rewarded for reaching certain fitness and attendance goals.  This system will motivate you to come to the gym and give you an extra reason to push towards your goals.  We also have competitions where you can win CASH prizes, which will really push you!!!


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