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About Us

Love Trust Progress is Fitness

Love (Self love and neighborly love)  Creative Workouts is a Houston gym that creates a positive environment for yourself and for your fellow gym members.  We promote self belief. You will have a can do attitude when you workout. You will feel compelled to encourage your fellow gym members and they will do the same for you.

Trust (Action speak)  We make sure that you will get the experience that you are looking for.  You will get a gym that is knowledgeable,  and will help you reach your fitness goals.  You can trust us to be professionals and have a clear system that you can easily follow to get the results that you so desire.

Progress (Growth)  We will help you stop the cycle of starting all over and never truly progressing in your workout journey.  You will grow physically, mentally and emotionally when you join the Creative Workouts family.

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